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Vocation and Membership: Get Involved
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Discernment must be the first step for anyone interested in the SSR.  God calls us all. He has created us all differently. This is to be celebrated as it is so clearly God's plan.  Discernment is prayerful searching, asking, praying for God to show and confirm in us how He wishes us to express something of His love to the world.

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If you feel called to this way of life please contact us.  We will walk with you in discernment.  We will celebrate with you whatever God wills for your life; whether within the SSR or elsewhere.
Click on the Contact Us page and a Ritarian will get in touch with you via email initially.

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As an Apostolate we believe in being accountable to each other; encouraging and sharing.  The richness we encounter is one to be celebrated.  We are convinced that what we commit to God; our availability, love and adoration is, and will be, our crown. 
Vocation is about articulating and experiencing- at the deepest level- who God has made us and what He has made us for.

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